About Us

PlayGround Stars®

PlayGround Stars® is a Registered Trademark dedicated to the design and production of Sportswear and Casualwear.

PlayGround Stars’s goal is to embody design and creativity in Sports!

PG Stars is reflected in the soul and needs of each athlete, may he be an amateur or a professional. To conciliate design, ergonomics and quality to those who do Sports is our goal.

Renewing the design and making the equipments’ quality better, PG Stars manages to upgrade comfort, quality and performance for athletes and their teams.

PG Stars’ collections embrace athletes from a tender age as we believe Sports must be in their hearts from a young age.

Being present in the most of sporting events, spreading the word and actively reenforcing the major role of Sports.

PG Stars created a community that rethinks and discusses opinions in search for new approaches to sporting equipments design.

We raise questions, we investigate materials, we make the athletes part of the process thus broadening our community, setting up a contact network and finding partners, national and internationally, amongst athletes, teams and companies.

We support the Portuguese textile industry potential, believing in their production skills, in their never ending search for new sports textiles and production methods, taking design into each phase of the creativity and production process.

Everyday PG Stars manages to make each team more noticed, each player more secure and each athlete more comfortable with a new way of seeing and feeling Sports!